David Allan Boucher has been making Bedtime Magic on Magic 106.7 for the past 20 years, making it one of radio’s longest-running syndicated nighttime radio programs! Some 12,000 late nights down the road, we started this web site as a repository of thoughts and comments….songs and verse….and other tid-bits of things. We hope you find something of interest here. And, as always, we love hearing from you. Your thoughts and comments are always invited, your opinions are always valued. And, we LOVE knowing you are out there each night! As we add pages, feel free to peruse the site. There are forms you can use to join our mailing list and request songs directly from the site.

The purpose of this website, BedtimeTonight.com, is to stay in-touch with all of the wonderful people who have spent so many evenings with us!

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